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The sole responsibility for the content of each Tentative List lies with the State Party concerned. The publication of the Tentative Lists does not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever of the World Heritage Committee or of the World Heritage Centre Dating on line in Benin of Dating on line in Benin Secretariat of UNESCO concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of cautand bule de tip boundaries.

Property names are listed in the language in which they have been submitted by the State Party Description The structure of the limes consisted of a complex system of towers, earthworks, walls, small fortifications, the forts behind the limes Dating on line in Benin usually placed at a distance of ca.

In front the earthen ramparts it was not identified insofar a ditch. Forts are similar, garrisons to mixed infantry and cavalry troops, most likely built by them. Here and there the earthen ramparts are clearly visible, almost on the original height, the limes specificities being best preserved in the Moigrad area Porolissum.

All over Romania, circa forts, 50 small fortifications and more than towers are known, although their number must have been much larger. Furthermore, there are also other structures part of the border system, of the most important counting the man-made barriers, generally composed of earthen ramparts, but also of stone walls. Of the forts, only four-five may be visited and are accessible to the public, however not the same applies to any rampart part, wall or tower.

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In most places, the limes is no longer Dating on line in Benin, hence it is difficult to identify. Topographically, the limes is partially protected, none of its elements being found in urban areas. Nevertheless, only a small part belongs to the public property, thus many sectors are endangered especially because of the farming works. In most cases, the stone was used in the construction of villages, churches and medieval castles in the area.

Most limes portions from northern Dacia lie in forested areas, hence affected by forestry.

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Ancient roads and paths cross many times the limes line. Based on stamped tile finds, we suppose that the towers too, even the limes, were built by the fort garrisons, although the archaeological material is scarce.

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In some areas, a man-made line was found, generally formed of earth ramparts, here and there with small stone walls. On the other hand, the rampart was not archaeologically investigated, but by a trench or two, its structure being unclear.

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Stone walls were identified only nearby Porolissum. In passes and vulnerable areas, small fortifications were built, attached to the limes wall where it was identified, but it lay at a somewhat distance from the earthen rampart, similarly to the towers.

Still in passes were built also the earthen ramparts, although in recent years a stone wall and earth ramparts were reported on plateaus, not only in passes. The towers seem to sketch a line, however, in fact, they are set in a network, being located in depth or in front according to the land configuration, obviously, for communication purposes.

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The specificities of the northern border are found only here and there in the other border areas of Dacia, however arguments are extremely few. In eastern Transylvania, the border must have been similar, nearby the forts line being identified here and there towers, but for now, without a man-made defence line, smaller fortifications not being discovered.

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By the exit from the mountains, southwards, the border was set on the Olt line, flowing into the Danube, characterised by small forts and fortifications. For short time spans, likely under Hadrian, then starting with Caracalla, a man-made km long line was used, from the Danube to the mountains Bran gorgemade up of an earthen rampart, lying at a variable distance of km east the Olt.

Unfortunately, the border is poorly preserved today.

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At m behind the rampart were identified timber watch towers. Behind this line lay 12 fortifications, of which four double, located at a small distance from it.

The route of the western border is unclear, watch towers not being identified south the fort at Bologa, with one exception. That is why the limes route is only supposed on the line of the fortifications from the extreme west of the province, which in fact corresponds approximately to the main axis of Dacia, the imperial road from Drobeta to Porolissum.

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Thus we note at least seven different types of limes: - Banat — from the Danube upwards — imperial road monitored by auxiliary forts — up to Micia. It is possible that in the Banat Plain had existed man-made earth barriers, however, this is not certain yet.

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Small part of the limes is visible, although it was not yet fully researched. The man-made line of towers and sometimes stone walls from Transylvania survived best, on a distance of approximately km, especially in the northern, north-western sectors of ca. - anunţuri întâlniri % gratuit. Intalniri Online gratuite.

The situation of the forts behind these defence lines is partially clarified. In only ca. Dating on line in Benin, only the proper forts are in general object of this public property, related settlements being further in private property.

In fact, they are nowhere clearly delimited.

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