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Location[ Dating Woman Pons ] The ruins of this cohort fort are located about two kilometers east of the village Cincșor, commune Voilaand about one kilometer north of the river Olt in the corridor "Burgstadt". In ancient times, it probably had the task of monitoring the movement of goods on the Olt and the Cincu Pass to the north.

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Nothing more of the Roman military camp can be seen in today's landscape. Two construction phases could be distinguished. It is possible that there was initially a wood-and-earth storage facility, which was later replaced by a stone fort.

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The stone fort had a rectangular ground plan but the dimensions could not be determined. On the west side of the stone fort, a defensive wall and four ditches were found.

Due to the small material found, the dating is uncertain, but epigraphic finds could identify the Cohors II Flavia Bessorum as the stationed unit.

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A funerary inscription for a Roman military official, L. Carvilius Rusticinuswas discovered near the castra. Roman Intalnirea femeilor agricole mask found near the fort In an excavator discovered a bronze parade mask nearby the fort, in the area of the reservoir lake.

The mask depicts a woman's head. It has Unauthorised excavations and the export of antique objects are prohibited in Romania.

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