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On June 22, Romania joined Operation Barbarossa in order to reclaim the lost territories of Bessarabia and Bukovinawhich had been annexed by the Soviet Union in June The Battle[ edit ] The offensive to retake the remaining corner of Northern Transylvania started on October 9,and was carried out by the Fourth Armyunder the command of General Gheorghe Avramescu.

In the first phase, which lasted until October 13, the Romanian troops entered the Someș Valley.

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In the second phase October 14—20they managed to cross the Meseș and Făget Mountains. The final phase of the offensive commenced on the morning of October On the evening of October 24, the Romanian 6th Army Corps attacked in the direction of Carei with a force comprising 4 divisions.

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As highlighted by the Corps commander, General Emanoil Leoveanu [ ro ], in his after-action report, the Romanian Gendarmerie Dating Site had to brave "the rains, the muddy ground, the very low and bad roads, the destroyed bridges, the mined roads". By nightfall, the soldiers of the 9th Infantry Division entered in the city, where they engaged in street fighting; by the next morning, the Romanian Army was in control of it.

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Inaugurated inthe monumental complex is the work of the sculptor Gheza Vida and the architect Anton Dâmboianu. Made of white stone, the monument is 18 m wide, 5 m deep, and 12 m high; it bears the inscription, "Glory to the soldiers of the Romanian Army, fallen in the struggles for the liberation of the homeland.

In Octoberon the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Carei and the liberation of Northern Transylvania, the National Bank of Romania issued a commemorative 10 lei silver coin. The obverse of the coin shows the two sides of the gold jubilee medal, while the reverse shows the image of the Monument of the Romanian Soldier from Carei, Gendarmerie Dating Site the inscription "Eliberarea Ardealului de Nord" in a circular arc, and the date on which the last piece of occupied Transylvanian territory was liberated, "October 25, ".

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